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*Badiru Kehinde: my journey to “I know why your mother cries”*

By Bolaji Abdulsalam and Ola Shalom

Writing is creativity, those who are good at it are either talented or have gone through series of self training and practices. The dearth of writers among youth nowadays prompts us to celebrate the few we have.

In this Edition, LINCSSA PRESS presents to you, Badiru Keinde; a graduate of English and International Studies from Osun State University who has distinguished himself among his peers in the field of writing,  and has recently successfully published his first book titled “I Know Why Your Mother Cries”. I know why your mother cries is a poem series containing more than twenty thousand (20,000) words. How did he get to do this not long after he graduated? This and more questions are answered in this interview with ABOLAJI ABDULSALAM.Excerpts;

*Can we meet you?

I am Badiru Kehinde. I write, I teach, I design, I inspire and am ARTsassin.

*How many poems have you written?*
Well, I’ve had to sit back many times and ask myself the same question the same way some people have asked too. But then, I’ve written over 500 poems with some whose titles I can remember and some others I cannot. I’m a paper addict; anything becomes a new page of writing poetry, stories and anything for me even tissue rolls. *laughs* so sorry, I cannot remember how many poems exactly I have written…

*What are people’s comments about your poems?*

What people say about you or your works is endless and cannot be measured. However, I’ve had people, mostly friends and readers far and wide slide into my DM saying, hey, there Kenny, I love your poems, and they paint real life experiences. Hey (K e n n d a y), I love your poems, you inspire me, thanks. And with the years of writing and recent publication of my first book of Poetry, the comments are endless and worthwhile. This is not to say that there have been no bad comments. I must be real, I always am. I’ve had someone on say something bad about my poem. However, he didn’t appear to know what poetry was, so I overlooked it.

*Who is (are) you mentor(s)?*

Mmmmm, first the Holy Spirit is my number one mentor, He teaches me. My mentors are an embodiment of wonderful writers in whose story I get inspiration to move ahead, my teachers and professors whose tutelage goes a long way and then my world (society, people, events, experiences and art which I learn from). Yes, don’t take it too serious, you expected I should just mention one or two persons. I appreciate three great writers; Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

*Is “I Know Why Your mother Cries” the compilation of your poems or new one?*

It is my first work of poetry. It is not really a compilation as it is a collection with many selected poems. The collection runs in 52 pages or so, yes. Other poems would form other collections subsequently, let’s enjoy this one first. *laughs* IKWYMC has some of my treasured poems, from motifs on motherhood and feminism to poverty and corruption; though, it paints a sense of hope…

*Do you write poems out of inspiration or…?*
Yes, inspiration, inspiration… I get inspired by experiences, circumstances, people’s stories and by things I see. I’m moved by what I see and listen to, from nature and pictures first then to Jazz Music which never stop playing on as I write. Not to underutilize the inspiration, I walk with a note pad to write as it comes, it just comes, even in the rest room, *laughs* But remember, inspiration takes a break sometimes. You just need to take a long walk, feed your life and empty your emotions.

*What have been the challenges so far and how have you been tackling them ?*
One of the challenges has been getting the required audience. Youths don’t read again. Creative Writing and Poetry especially has become a reserve-high culture for a particular group. People don’t read or buy books. Myself and other contemporary Nigerian Writers are doing all we can to re-map African/Nigerian contemporary Writing (poetry and fiction). Another challenge is getting the necessary sponsorship to help push my works to a larger audience and to the world extreme. We trust God to make a way anyway.

*Who has been your source of encouragement?*

My parents have been a great source of inspiration. And most importantly, my lovers and readers who have chosen to believe in my writings and craft. I owe them a lot. Their words are enough encouragement.

*Do you write prose and drama as well?*

Yes I do. I have written some short stories which were entries in the Commonwealth Prize for Fiction and many others. I’m currently working on a collection of short stories. I have written about 5 dramas but not published. While in school, I wrote short play texts for theatre workshops and for church. I do that till date, write, write, write articles too…

*What is you aim or vision?*

My aim is to find my words reaching many hearts. I hope to become an established writer with time. More so, I see a day where writers will be rewarded for being different, seeing differently and thinking differently. I hope to help people connect to their stories and experiences through my writings

What is your advice to upcoming writers?

It is quite simple. Love what you do and do what you love. Never forget your source and everyone who has helped you grow, particularly, teachers. Like one of my mentors told me during an interview; “Don’t be in a haste to get published, first improve your craft”. These I say to them, improve your writing skills, attend workshops, connect with like minds and don’t stop trying and writing even if it appears no one is reading you. Okay bye, we will talk later…

I Know Why Your Mother Cries by Badiru Kehinde is available for purchase, #250 only till Sept 16th. Available on Okadabooks

Also availble on Filehip, Booklify, Good reads or google search I Know Why Your Mother Cries. You can direct purchase from author too.
Badiru Kehinde (IG, FB, Twitter, Google, Linked-In)

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