Breaking!!!Mother wakes from coma 27 years after crash left her with traumatic brain injury

A car crash in 1991 left Munira Abdulla in a vegetative state but her son never gave up hope his mum would wake up.

A woman in a coma for more than 27 years has finally woken up and spoke to the son she was trying to protect.

Munira Abdulla was left with a traumatic brain injury after a school bus ploughed into the car she was a passenger in, The National reports.The 32-year-old mother had been cradling her four-year-old son Omar at the time of the crash, trying to protect him from the impact.

The youngster escaped with just a bruise to the head, as his mother began her long stint in hospital.

Doctors believed Ms Abdulla would never open her eyes again, but Omar, now 32 himself, never gave up on her.

Her family spoke to The National in the United Arab Emirates about their ordeal, and how Ms Abdullah has woken into a very different world.

Omar explained there had been no school buses to take him home that day in the UAE city of Al Ain.

His uncle had agreed to drive the youngster and his mother home, when tragedy struck.

In hospital in a vegetative state, she was fed through a tube, undergoing physical therapy to keep her muscles from deteriorating.

The National reports that in April 2017 the family was offered a grant to go to Germany, after the Crown Prince Court became aware of her case.

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