Fwonder Features as Crystalverts Personality of the week (Full Interview)

Crystalverts is a media brand that majors basically in event promotions, planning and handling of adverts, and online publicity. This is a new concept with the aim of encouraging youths out there about facing challenges on the path of success. This chat interview segment would enable our audience to know and learn from your startup experiences which would serve as a means teaching, and encouraging youths.

Welcome to the first edition of C.chat interview segment. Today we have a very important personality here with us, a fast rising artiste in the music industry popularly known as Fwonder.

CV: Good day sir, Starting with this, can we meet you??

FWONDER: I’m Sanni oluwafemi a.k.a FWonder, hails from Osun state, graduate of Co. operative and Business Management. From Olabisi Onabanjo University.

C.V: How did you come about your stage/nickname Fwonder?

FWONDER: Thanks for that question. “Fwonder” is my stage name and nickname. When I was very young, i was the shy type, and then I didn’t know much about Music, but along the line I developed a very strong flair for music. So one day, there was a program in my church and I decided to put down my name for a special number which I never did before that time. I told my choir mistress about me rendering a special presentation in church, she was surprised and started shouting wonder……..wonder……that’s how I came across the name Fwonder, F stands for Femi

C.V: That’s great. Sir,can you please tell us what you do for a living or is it only Music??

FWONDER: I do something else apart from music; I work as a supervisor to a construction company

C.V: Thank you sir, you released a song this year August, titled “moti ri bati se”, and it’s fast trending on instagram, can you please tell us who your mentor is and what inspired you to move to the music industry??

FWONDER: Thanks for that. I have a lot of Mentors even outside music World, but when it comes to music, it’s Asa, I was born into a music family, though I never had an interest in it but along the lines in my university days I discovered the passion.

CV: What genre of music do you do and how has it been able to teach your listeners one or two lessons?

FWONDER: Contemporary gospel, to draw people closer to God and to teach them the value of Life

CV: Checking your profile and pictures on instagram and facebook, we noticed you are a guitarist, and also a song writer.How has it been combining playing guitar,writing songs and being a music artiste??

FWONDER: Yes I’m a guitarist ang I write songs too. Although it has been challenging, but by God’s grace I have been able to combine all.

CV: Ololufe, the video that dropped last year, is that your first track?

FWONDER: No, that’s not the first track. My first track is titled “Moni baba”. let me tell you something about it. After my Nysc, I faced a lot of challenges whereby I was being rejected by everyone, things were upside down and I lost all my savings on a business that didn’t work out well. I lost everything.
I was stranded and had no one to help, I was rejected but I came to realize that there is only one person who will never leave me, nor forsake me. That person is Jesus. That’s how I got the inspiration of “Moni baba”. Moni baba means I have a Father. So I got to meet my producer with the name “Jayklef”, who really helped with the production. Shout out to Jayklef. I love you bro.

CV: Wao! That”s inspiring.So, Mr Femi, what are the challenges you’re facing as a music artiste, and how has it been so far trying to overcome the challenges?

FWONDER: The challenge so far is having people to accept the kind of music I sing….God’s Grace has been helping me out

CV: How has it been working with your manager and can you please tell us about him?

FWONDER: I have three managers, and my managers have been supportive right from the scratch, bring the best out of me and also keep me to create my own kind of music Brand, I love them so much.

CV: Thank you for your answers so far. Sir, what should your fans and the supporters of Crystalverts expect from the amiable Fwonder soon?

FWONDER: They should expect more of my best and especially my concert/album launching coming very soon.

CV: Sir,Thank you so much for your time and positive response to this interview segment,we really appreciate you. So what piece of advice do you have for youths out there who wish to take a bold step into the music industry?

FWONDER: Dear youths out there, never be afraid of taking steps, always follow your instincts and learn to control your fear.

CV: Thanks for that sir, we’ve come to the end of today’s chat interview segment, so for sponsorship, support and follow up, we would appreciate if you drop your contact.
FWONDER: Okay, dear readers you can follow me on facebook @sanni olufemi, on instagram @Fwonder123, on twitter @ sanniwonder. Thanks a lot for your support.

CV: Hello dear readers, we believe that you’ve learnt one thing or the other. Never be afraid to take steps. Never feel rejected. Whatsoever you love doing, give your best to it and it’d surely work out.Stay motivated always. It’s all about Crystalverts, we create and plan adverts, event promotions and sales promotions. Contact us on 08106700405/ 09091795983, on Instagram @Crystalverts and on facebook @crystal verts. We are grateful and ever loyal.

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