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*GH*: Good evening sir. This is *GAGAsHYPE*. Can we meet you?

*GBENGA*: My name is GBENGA OYALEKE a.k.a *Gbenga laughtercastle* a.k.a *ISEDA*

*GH*: Gbenga Laughter castle 🏰. What that name all about?

*GBENGA*: Hmmmm. It’s a comedy group that I started with some of my friends when I was in the university. But I’m the last man standing

*GH*: Then you should be called last man Laughter castle. Smiles..

Meaning you a comedian?

*GBENGA*: Yes I am a comedian

*GH*: Interesting. You mentioned when you were in the university. Are you a graduate now?

*GBENGA*: Yes ooo. By the grace of God. Even though it was by agidi

*GH*: Lol.A graduate of what and from what school?

*GBENGA*: Business Administration, babcock university

*GH*: In that case, as a promising comedian, how have you used you taken and profession to influence the world?

*GBENGA*: Comedy basically is about making people happy. We all know the situation of Nigeria. People are frustrated, they need to see and hear things that will make them happy. On my page people have been commenting and I know I am making people happy. So I am doing my possible best to reduce depression.

*GH*: Then you should be called Gbenga the Reducer of Depression

*GBENGA*: Lol. Naso 

*GH*: Few weeks ago, 1 of your video skit was reposted by KracskTV, How did you feel?

*GBENGA*: Omo I felt on top of the world. But I just believe when you are consistent with what u do, one day the world will listen to you

*GH*: Yap.. Life hustle is all about consistency and persistency. That very good. Not too take much of your time, as you know we have two segments on MEET N GREET, we would be moving to the next segment called PLAY TIME.

Are you ready?

*GBENGA*: Let’s Go there

*GH*: Are you sure? No going back 

*GBENGA*: You are the one going back now

*GH*: Lol. Owk, if you were to be JACOB, the gateman of BOBRISKY, how would you address your boss?


*GH*: The Combo of Sir and Ma rite?

*GBENGA*: Na so na

*GH*: I guess you’ll were very brilliant in the varsity

*GBENGA*: Lol . Na so

*GH*: Owk, if you were to choose between Wizkid and Davido to chill out with, which of them would you prefer?

*GBENGA*: Hmmmmmm.

Deep One but I’ll go for Davido

*GH*: We hope you don’t go like tagbo. Lol

*GBENGA*: With long life will I satisfy u. That is what God told me

*GH*: This is the last question for this interview section with you, Have you heard about Birth Pose pictures?

*GBENGA*: *Gjkv v hh*

*GH*: What the Meaning of GJKV V HH?

*GBENGA*: I’m just writing in tongues

*GH*:  Only know of talking in tongues, I hope your writings are for God?

*GBENGA*: I’m for God only and I don’t know birth pose.

*GH*: Lol, with the influence of Origin, thr only drug meant for you. Alright. Since you don’t know it,we would drawing the cotton of this edition of MEET N GREET now but before we go, what do you have to say to  people out there.

*GBENGA*: Keep working, keep praying

*GH* : Thank you very much. Keep working, keep praying. How can people get to get more information and updates from you.

*GBENGA*: All social media. I am  *@gbenga_laughtercastle*


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