Must Read!!! Reasons You Should Let Him Suck Your Breasts

Men are like babies and I really do not know of any man who does not like to enjoy the pleasure of his woman’s breasts. And by this, they assume all women like being touched in that region. Unfortunately, this is not correct. Some women do not encourage the act for many reasons ranging from their nature to men’s failure to do it right.While its important that men learn how to make breast and nipple stimulation pleasurable for their women, we also need to let women know the amazing benefits of surrendering their breasts to us. When you consider these four points, you will understand that it is worth giving your man a chance to master the game.

1. Detect abnormalities

As loud as the campaign for early detection of breast cancer is, the truth is that many women still do not remember to do the breast examination; as easy as it is.But in his process of having fun, your husband can innocently help you to conduct the examination of early detection of breast cancer. I doubt if any man will notice a lump and his wife’s breast and ignore it as insignificant. So, you and your partner can immediately take action. So, dear lady, let him ‘examine’ you in the morning, afternoon and night. There is nothing like being too careful!

2. Nipple orgasm is fun

Do you know that there is something called nipple orgasm? During a survey of women between the ages of 18 to 21, respondents were asked if they had experienced orgasm through nipple stimulation only.Amazingly, many of them admitted to having had that pleasure and they shared the circumstances. Genital orgasm still emerged as the preferred option among the women, but we realized that the nipple driven one provides an experience they don’t wish to miss out on. So, this could be an exciting variation to your sex life if you are not too shy to provide useful tips while he is at it.

3. Prevent sagging

He wants to touch it and satisfy himself, right? Why not use him to achieve what most women want, including you? Contrary to the belief that sucking and touching will make your breasts sag, coordinated systemic massage actually prevents sagging. Breast massage lifts the breasts by tightening and toning the tendons and muscles responsible for breast length. So, why not teach him how to turn that sensual touch into regular massage and say goodbye to the twins looking south?

4. Quality foreplay promotes good orgasm

If your man always reaches orgasm quicker and leaves you wishing you never did it, there are many things you need to evaluate. Not many men can go the long distance during sex, and this should not always be seen as a weakness. Many times, they are healthy men, while you are the one who needs more than simple things to reach orgasm.If you are the problem, you may need to switch the game by improving the quality of time you spend on foreplay where the sensitivity of your breasts can really help. Another approach is a stimulation of the breasts simultaneously with the genital, this combination has liberated many women from a cum-less sex life.

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