Winners Chapel University Abuja – Nasarawa Kicks Off

The church has commenced the construction of her 3rd university. Investigations revealed that the initial plan had been to build the third university in Calabar, Cross River state, before building the fourth in Abuja, the Federal Capital. However, due to the Nigerian governments desire to have a ‘world class’ university situated in the capital, pressure was mounted on the church authorities to reconsider and locate the third institution in Abuja and these may well have paid off. The National Universities Commission (NUC) thus visited Goshen, the site of the proposed university along the Abuja-Nassarawa Expressway. It was reported that they were impressed with the facilities they met on ground at the sight and the church authorities quickly corrected their impression and told them that the university construction was only about to begin and that the structures on ground were strictly for other church objectives.

Requirements for the university construction is already available for deployment by the church which is known not to accept loans. Oyedepo stated that the university, just like Landmark University will be built without taking a single offering. As at 2016, over $200 Million had been spent on Landmark university. The university in Nassarawa may turn out better than her predecessors in terms of infrastructure by the time construction is completed. – Leke Beecroft


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