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This is GAGAsHYPE. Welcome to this edition of MEET N GREET and in this exclusive interview,we have two sections (SERIOUS FACE AND PLAY TIME).

​GH MEDIA​: Can we get to know you?

AYANFE​: Am Ayanfeoluwa and am a music artist

​GH MEDIA​: Ayanfeoluwa. That sounds like a Yoruba name. Going a little bit into our background. Where are you from and can you tell us little about how you grew up

​AYANFE​: It’s a Yoruba name meaning beloved or chosen. Am from Ekiti… was born in Ilorin but grew up in Akure. I am the 1st born of my parents and went to a couple of primary school and finished my secondary school @ Aquinas college.

*GH MEDIA *: So after your primary and secondary Education. You didn’t further your Education?

​AYANFE​:  300level Student of Mathematics,  Osun State University .

*GH MEDIA *: I see. That’s why your musics sounds like a formula everyone is craving to learn.

​AYANFE​: Lol… indeed I pray ooo But presently on a sabbatical though(A leave of absence because  of music)

*GH MEDIA *: Wow. You really mean business.

​AYANFE​: Definitely music is my business

*GH MEDIA *: So as a musician, when did you start your career and how far have you gone?

​AYANFE​: Started singing since I was 8 and am just coming up and still learning and growing.

GH MEDIA​: That as been a long journey then. So when you started professionally, why did you choose your real name as your stage name

​AYANFE​: Cos it spells out originality… my name means a lot and I believe it will take me to my desired level that am aiming for as the greatest of all times and the best that the world will ever seen.

GH MEDIA​: May your belief be realized. Still talking about your music, what genre of music do you do and why do you seek pleasure in it?

​AYANFE​: Amen. Am an alternative R n B singer. It’s cos I play an instrument like guitar And I listened to the likes of R Kelly while growing up

*GH MEDIA *: Feels like there is gonna be love in the air. Smiles.

​AYANFE​: LOL. most definitely

GH MEDIA​:  Now coming down to your parents, what has being their reaction to your chosen career?

​AYANFE​: They’ve been supportive… I have a great family.. from my grandparents to my parents and my uncles and aunties they’ve all been wonderful people.. love them so much .. can’t trade them for anything…

GH MEDIA​: Now feeling like snatching your family and adding them to mine.

​AYANFE​: LOL. Ain’t possible you know. 

*GH MEDIA *: Smiles.. Since you started your career, how many tracks and videos have you being able to release?

​AYANFE​: Since I started professionally and got signed just 1 and my 1st official video will be out soon

GH MEDIA​: No doubt then. It is the popular ORI MI

​AYANFE​: Yes definitely 

*GH MEDIA *: That good. We all anticipate the video then. 

Lastly before we move to the second section, there has being this popular brand in the osun state university that had being flaunting you . What relation do you have with the brand and her CEO

​AYANFE​: What brand is that if I may know??

GH MEDIA​: The lee Empire

*AYANFE *: Oh okay … the CEO Leemzy is a good friend… padi toh gbayi.. he’s just representing he’s friend everywhere and tryna to support that’s all

*GH MEDIA *: Good. Maybe he his following my favorite quote at the moment ‘Never beef your friend but always support them’. So that means , the whole of Uniosun should be expecting you at the THANK YOU CONCERT that will come up by May

​AYANFE​: Probably though… I won’t disclose anything as of now but I guess so

*GH MEDIA *: Then.. We all anticipate then.

At this juncture, we’ll be moving to the second section of this interview called PLAY TIME. We’ll be asking nasty and playful questions here. Are you ready?


*GH MEDIA *: Aiit. Sounds so confident. 

If you are to have a dinner with BANKY W and WANDE COAL. Who would you choose?

​AYANFE​: Wande coal .

*GH MEDIA *: Why do you prefer Wande Coal?

​AYANFE​: He his a mentor and the best vocalist Nigeria as ever had.

GH MEDIA​: Sounds like you’ll love to work with him.

To the next question, knowing fully well what Bobrisky is all about, can you sleep in the same room with him?

*AYANFE *: Yes I will and I met him recently. I can never sleep in the same room with bobrisky.. what for ?? No ooo

GH MEDIA​: Lol.. Like he really disgust you. 

*AYANFE *: Definitely

GH MEDIA​: Going to the food aspect of your life.

Pounded yam with egusi or Amala with Gbegiri and ewedu with a bush meat on it?

*AYANFE *: Pounded yam and egusi but if that egusi can be replaced with efo.. u know as an Ekiti boy nah.. we love pounded yam alot

*GH MEDIA *: YH. It as been nice having you on this edition of MEET n GREET.  At this juncture, we’ll be drawing the cotton of this edition but before we go, we’ll like you to say one or two things to your fans out there and how they can reach you

*AYANFE *: Thanks alot and thanks to my fans out there for loving the brand Ayanfe and the person himself and for always supporting….Connect with me on instagram @Ayanfeofficial and on Twitter @Ayanfe_official

*GH MEDIA *: Yeah. AYANFE  said it all, keep supporting the brand. 

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