“The Journey started back in Secondary School”- RapPrince (Full Interview)

Sleem Nation: It’s wonderful to have you here boss, I would love you to introduce yourself to our readers
Rap Prince: My name is Nzemeka Martins, from Delta state, Nigeria.
Sleem Nation- Where you based?
Rap Prince- Lagos
Sleem Nation: Great….. What do you do?
Rap Prince: I’m into Rap music
Sleem Nation- Awesome… Nzemeka Martins is your stage name ?
Rap Prince: Lol no Rap prince
Sleem Nation: Nice one… What gave birth to the name “Rap Prince”?
Rap Prince: When I was in secondary school, I use to go for this class rap battle so from there I got the name and kept it since then
Sleem Nation: Wow!!! That means d journey started back In secondary school!! You mind sharing with us how everything started?
Rap Prince: I had a friend in secondary school who was good in Yoruba and I was this gentle guy that loved dancing and was not known for rap but meeting this guy got me motivated and I decide to move close to him, after which we became friends. He brought the idea of rap battle every Friday and it pull people’s attention and since then I started put more effort and have been seriously working on myself and thanks to God it’s been going well since then
Sleem Nation: What have been the challenges so far?
Rap Prince: Hmm money and trying to get the right connection….lol
Sleem Nation- How has your present location influenced your career?
Rap Prince- Well, I moved to Lagos recently and yet to get much shows here in Lagos but where I was at Osogbo Osun State was great even though it wasn’t easy at first.
Sleem Nation: Are you currently signed to any label?
Rap Prince: Not at all
Sleem Nation: Wow…Then how have you been chanced and comfortable to do music ?

Rap Prince: Hmm, we give thanks to God who has been making that a little bit easier for me in meeting people who really wants to help in any way they can and it’s really been working out well.
Sleem Nation: Are you a full time musician that works all day in the studio or you do something else alongside music?
Rap Prince: Yes I’m a full time musician
Sleem Nation: How do you cope with your female fans?
Rap Prince: Hmm, I won’t lie to you man it’s always been a big issue but I do whatever I can to make them all happy
Sleem Nation: Lol…its everywhere….. How many songs have you recorded?
Rap Prince: As for songs, I have lots of songs but have dropped 3 songs already and working on dropping another one in January
Sleem Nation: So far, which of the songs would you consider as a hit?
Rap Prince: Hmm, that will be the one titled No Delay but the new one I will be dropping in January is gonna be a great one and its titled “O Palash”
Sleem Nation: What’s the response from the audience like so far?
Rap Prince: Wow, it’s been so great this year and I gat so many people looking forward to see me at the top and I believe with time things will change
Sleem Nation: Nice one!! Any big project coming soon? That you wanna inform your fans?
Rap Prince: Hmm, let’s keep it as a secret and surprise for them
Sleem Nation: Who is your mentor/role model in the Nigerian Music Industry?
Rap Prince: Vector
Sleem Nation: Wow… Has he in anyway motivated you?
Rap Prince: Yes, listening to his music and made me improve more on my rap skills and all
Sleem Nation: How will you rate your parent’s support as regards your career?
Rap Prince: Hmm, they’re late though but I believe they are in full support of it!!!
Sleem Nation: If you are opportune to pick join a record label in Nigeria, which one would you choose?
Rap Prince: DMW
Sleem Nation: Why DMW?

Rap Prince: Because of the level of management and fame it got
Sleem Nation: Nice one, Have u ever shared d stage with a popular artiste?
Rap Prince: Yes, with the likes of Dremo, chinko Tiger, wale turner, OLA dips, TOBI grey, 9ice, klever jay, terry Apala, pepenazi, oritse femi and many more
Sleem Nation- You wanna make shout-outs to individuals that have helped you so far?
Rap Prince- Yes Yes!!!! Shout out to great people like Mr Ayo, Aunty Funmi, My Siblings, DJ Sony and others who have made impact on me and lastly to my ever supportive fans.
Sleem Nation: Good, What message do you have for your fans for the New Year 2018?
Rap Prince: I want them to expecting something big and great next year cus it’s gonna be awesome for us all
Sleem Nation: Good, Can you drop your contacts /social media handles?
Rap Prince: Whatsapp-08123233216
Facebook-Rap prince el Rico
Sleem Nation: Nice having u here sir…. We believe u will honor us again
Rap Prince: Thank you very for having me

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