Olusola Excellent Daniel set to release a song titled “Emi Moore” !!! (Read Details)

Olusola Excellent Daniel is a dynamic rising Gospel Rapper in Nigeria, He is set to release a mind blowing Gospel rap song … Below is an excerpt of our interview with him.
Can you tell us about yourself?

Full name :Olusola Excellent Daniel

Born in ilesa on the 15th of March, 1994.

Family background: last born in the family of four children(two boys two girls). Grew up in Kaduna State.
Academic Background:

Attended Blessed Academy Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, kaduna state.

Got admission into The Federal Polytechnic ede where I studied Accountancy (National Diploma programme 2013-2016) and planning to further my education this year.

When did you started your Music career?

I started writing songs at the age of eleven and my parents supported me. Year 2011, I was given the privilege to minister for the first time with rap at The Apostolic Church, Igbona Osogbo. After the ministration, I got an invitation to minister at ECWA Ikeja, Lagos state.

Year 2012, I got invitations to other churches in Osogbo and to other states too. Since then till date , God has been faithful.

I have participated in musical competitions where I came first and also third as a gospel rapper. I’ve been privileged to meet with great music ministers, the likes of Ab Cornerstone (my vocal coach), Fola Eden, Matade, Ijo bukky, Abbey Sax and many more. Glory to God!

Who are your favourite Gospel Artists?

Artistes I love : Frank Edwards, AMI, LcBeatz, BLW rap nation and The Gratitude (COZA).

How did you get the inspiration for your song?

I was doing the house chores when the song came up and that was last year November.

I was pondering on many things that really caused me to feel depressed. Then I remembered those that never had the privilege to witness that day and hospitalised ones too. So those lines

Emi Moore

Emi Moore

Mowa yin o.. came up.

Then I picked up my phone to record it

Are you producing the song already?

Yes, the track is in progress already and it’s produced by ArhBaySacks By God’s Grace, it’ll be released before the end of this month.

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